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Come in and enjoy our
family friendly
service and most of all
our affordable,
outstanding food.
When things are great, it's best
to leave them that way.

There has been a restaurant at our site for over 26 years.  Although it has changed hands only 3
times the food has remained excellent in quality, quantity and price.  Thanks to Danny and
Barbara Carter for setting the standard that Steve and Rona Taylor and their amazing
employees have carried on for the last 13 year.  Our restaurant has always been embraced by
the community who make us a success.  The paintings on the walls of Smoky's were painted by
a local artist named Russell Wantz, who was commissioned to paint rural scenes around Carroll
County.  We have always felt that supporting community was essential.  It's great to watch folks
come in and scan the photo's of  local teams we have sponsored over the years looking for
themselves or their children or friends. We will always remain family friendly. Some of our
employees started their working career at Smoky's at the age of 14 and stayed until after
graduation.  We have seen many start their own families, have successful careers and be great
employees for the next job they choose.  Some even leave and come back. Smoky's has
employed and still does, members of the same family.  Once we were blessed to have twin
sisters work for us.  It was fun to watch customers try to figure who was who.  We had a
household of siblings work for us at the same time, we even had the entire family come in to
help while we were on vacation.   Everyone in the community stepped up when Steve had
surgery for throat cancer in 2009.   Even the customers got involved with prayers, cards and
letters. We love our business and the community that surrounds it.
Thanks for making our history.